ink-to-insight-journaling-workshops-therapeutic-writing-psychotherapy-therapist-ashland-medford-oregon-elisaHello, I’m Elisa, and I have always been intrigued by the human capacity for resilience and self-discovery. It is an honor to guide people on their journeys of healing and transformation.

I am a Certified Instructor of the Journal to the Self® workshops and bring insights from my life-long practice of journal writing to every teaching experience. I find the blank page to be a magical place, and I think you will, too. It is a true pleasure to witness the joy and life-enhancing insights born from the relationship between students and their journals.

I teach journaling/expressive writing and specialized workshops globally via Zoom and delight in a diverse classroom/group experience. As a seasoned facilitator, I am especially skilled at cultivating sacred community space while inviting a relaxed sense of playfulness. It is likely you will discover that this unique balance of depth and levity will begin to mirror your journal writing experience, whether you are a forever-journal writer or a novice.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, I facilitate psychotherapy sessions via telehealth for individuals residing in Oregon and California.

In my role as consultant on the U.S. Pain Foundation’s Disparities Solutions Advisory Council, I collaboratively work to improve health equity and inclusion for all persons living with chronic pain, with expertise and focus on issues concerning LGBTQ+ communities and Deaf and hard-of-hearing persons living with chronic pain.



~ Expressive Writing

~ Chronic Pain, Disability, Illness


~ Care Professionals

~ Grief/Loss

~ Life Transitions

~ Hearing Loss

~ Deaf (fluent in ASL – American Sign Language)

And on a personal note… I am blessed to live in beautiful Southern Oregon with my wife and our objectively adorable rescue dog, Zakai. Along with my passion for the journaling life, I  love sharing relaxed meals with friends, writing poetry and nonfiction, reading, and engaging in community. I meditate in nature every chance I get and marvel at the flow of gentle river streams and the unique gifts of each season. Play and laughter are essential to me. I am truly alive when I am both teaching and learning, and I am never, ever far from a cup of hot tea.