ink-to-insight-journaling-workshops-therapeutic-writing-psychotherapy-therapist-ashland-medford-oregon-pic20You might be experiencing stress, anxiety, or depression because an aspect of your life is not aligned with your goals, desires, values, or spiritual beliefs. Perhaps you are going through a significant life transition or feeling stressed about global circumstances.

Whether you are seeking therapy because of a specific life event or issue, or simply want to engage in a process of self-exploration, I can help you access your strengths to make positive life changes and achieve deep personal growth.

My work is relational and collaborative and stems from the core belief that we all have different parts, or “selves,” that we bring to our experiences and relationships. I believe that deep wisdom lies within you, and greeting these various aspects of yourself with curiosity, openness, and compassion – whether through dialogue and/or therapeutic writing – is where transformation begins.

I use a strength-based, eclectic approach best suited to your individual needs. My treatment modalities are informed by Positive Psychology, Voice Dialogue, Somatic Attachment, and Internal Family Systems. When desired, we integrate Therapeutic Writing and Dreamwork into your sessions. I have extensive training, experience, and clinical expertise in the following areas:

~ Chronic Pain

~ Disability

~ Chronic Illness


~ Aging

~ Life Transitions

~ Grief/Loss

~ Hearing Loss

~ Deaf (fluent in ASL – American Sign Language)