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Therapeutic Writing Workshops 
– Therapeutic writing is an evidence-based practice used by folks worldwide to promote mental and physical health and enhance overall well-being. Some of the many benefits include reduced stress response, improved mood, increased capacity for problem-solving, and even enhanced immune system functioning. This life-changing practice does not require any experience in writing!

Ink To Insight, LLC, offers engaging theme-based therapeutic writing groups and workshops globally via Zoom (and in-person in Southern Oregon). We gather in warm, supportive virtual community to experience the healing benefits (and joy!) of therapeutic writing. Drawing from story, poetry, music, and other expressive arts modalities, we write in response to guided prompts, creatively designed to explore our inner worlds for personal growth, self-discovery and healing.

Your writing is sacred, so sharing is always optional. No experience in journaling, reading/writing poetry, or expressive arts of any kind is necessary to fully engage in these groups. We do not critique one another’s writing or discuss craft, as the focus of our groups is personal process and development. Be in touch…newly themed groups are always forming!

Journal Writing Classes/Groups  Discover the magic of the Journal in a lighthearted, supportive, educational workshop.  Whether you are new to journaling or a long-time journal writer, workshops by Ink To Insight, LLC are designed for you to learn and practice multiple approaches to writing with techniques for unearthing creativity, clarifying goals and decisions, discovering joy, and accessing the wisdom that lies within you.

Individual Journal Writing Consultation – If you prefer an individualized approach, I also offer one-on-one journaling consultation sessions for personalized instruction and guidance. Request an appointment to schedule a free 20-minute consultation!

I also work with caring professionals (e.g., teachers, psychotherapists, medical providers, caregivers, group facilitators, spiritual leaders) and employers.

Psychotherapy – As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (Oregon) and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (California), I see clients statewide in both Oregon and California via secure Telehealth.

Therapeutic writing can be a powerful adjunct to talk therapy. When desired, I incorporate therapeutic writing into our work together, using an individualized approach based on your unique situation, needs, and preferences.

Chronic Pain and Disability

Individual and couples therapy, journaling consultation, creative workshops, and groups are expertly tailored for individuals, loved ones, and care professionals impacted by chronic pain and/or disability.

Specialized Workshops

Dynamic, engaging workshops and presentations are available and designed to meet the unique needs of your group or organization. Please contact Ink To Insight, LLC for more information.

All services are available via Zoom and other virtual platforms.


Conference Presentations

Radio Interviews


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