What folks are saying…

“I loved each part. The variety of activities was excellent…The sense of community support and no emphasis on “fixing” ourselves or each other was fabulous. SO excellent all the follow up notes and links. Loved we shared some laughs. I was graciously received when I cried. You are an exemplary facilitator. Totally on the mark keeping us moving along…beautifully summarizing and supporting what we all shared. Lovely humor and depth. I am less harsh with myself. I focus now on what I can do instead of being frustrated with not being able to do all I could before. I will turn to my journal more now when scared or other emotions with my pain. I can’t think of anything to improve. An A+ offering.” Katherine Cox Stevenson, PhD, Workshop Participant, Pain Meets Pen: Quieting Chronic Pain with Therapeutic Writing™


“This is a powerful way to further understand your relationship to your chronic pain experience. Elisa provides interesting and creative writing prompts that allow you to further process and understand your complex chronic pain circumstances. I have found this therapeutic writing class to be so beneficial and unique. Elisa does an excellent job as the leader and provides great structure, wisdom, and insight.” ~ Kristen Poppert, LPC,  Workshop Participant, Pain Meets Pen: Quieting Chronic Pain with Therapeutic Writing™


“Until taking this course, I didn’t know I had it in me to be this creative. Elisa brought out so many feelings and emotions that I understand now but didn’t understand before. Take this course, you’ll love it!” ~ June Dressler, Participant, Journaling Workshop


“Taking a workshop with Elisa as Facilitator is a most enriching experience. Her kind and caring way, and her willingness to connect on a deeper level with compassion leads us to a new awareness of self and other.” ~ Florence Slomowitz, Participant, Spiritual Writing Group


“Elisa is a talented writer as well as an inspiring and motivational group facilitator. She is insightful and sensitive and shares herself openly and honestly in both her writing and discussion. She offers generous praise to her writing companions, bringing out the best in everyone and encouraging them to express themselves freely and creatively. Maybe most important, she is a warm, caring, welcoming human being with a great sense of humor and creativity.” ~ Mary Silva, Participant, Spiritual Writing Group


“Facilitator was very supportive and non-judgmental.  She created a “safe” space. I honestly have no suggestions for improvement. My relationship with pain has begun to change and is easier to talk about. I grew up learning to keep pain to myself. Being in a group really helped me verbalize my experience with chronic pain.” Kathy A. Bobula, Retired Educator, Workshop Participant, Pain Meets Pen: Quieting Chronic Pain with Therapeutic Writing™


“(Experience of the facilitator): Positive! I felt listened to and that she did a good job of being accessible to other members needs while also moving us along in a timely fashion…My relationship to chronic pain changed since the beginning of the workshop thanks to the writing prompts and the time to more intentionally reflect, as well as receive what others in the group had to offer. Thalia, LCSW, MA, Workshop Participant, Pain Meets Pen: Quieting Chronic Pain with Therapeutic Writing™


“My writing practice increased exponentially after beginning this workshop! I began to write daily in the mornings, which has become something I really look forward to now…it helped me with my own creativity and just synthesizing things for myself (my identity, my sobriety, my chronic illness).” ~ Larissa, Workshop Participant, Pain Meets Pen: Quieting Chronic Pain with Therapeutic Writing™


“I really appreciated your facilitation of the shared space–your way of responding to each individual’s sharing felt authentic and warm.”  ~ Jane C., Workshop Participant, Journaling Circle: Life Changes, Transitions, and the Unknown


“You appeared so calm and focused and projected an aura of serenity that was contagious…. I learned from you. I want to give you a big “Thank You” for your excellent presentation.” ~ Gordon Dickerson (Chairman, Medical Education Committee, Rogue Valley Manor), Workshop Attendee, Coping with Hearing Loss


“I’ve been a participant in Elisa’s Chronic Pain Support Group for almost two years. As an introvert, I shy away from most groups. Elisa’s group has been the exception. She is an excellent and skilled facilitator, a kind and empathic listener, and a positive beam of light.  The group meetings are supportive and inspiring, and over time I have gained valuable insight about how to live my life to the fullest.  I highly recommend any group led by Elisa!” ~ Alice Greenwald, Participant, Chronic Pain Support Group


“I have had the privilege and honor to work alongside Elisa leading a spiritual writing group.  Elisa is organized, thorough, efficient, articulate, creative, wise, and loving.   She can hold simultaneously both the large and small picture, the vision, and the details. She brings her inner compass of equity, inclusivity, and respect to every encounter.   She wants to learn and grow from others as she teaches and guides with such skill and insight. She leads with strength (that is also gentle) and significant experience, thus creating an environment that is safe, affirming, generative, and meaningful.” ~ Rabbi Julie Benioff, Temple Emek Shalom, Co-facilitator, Spiritual Writing Group


“If you’re looking to be part of a community with an amazing, uplifting teacher with a heart of gold, take this journaling class. Elisa will lead you on a new journey where you’ll uplift your heart and spirit and find new roads to yourself and to the worldBecause of Elisa’s skills and experience – and her personality – she was able to meet the needs of individuals and the group. I looked forward to coming each week – it was an incredible experience!” ~ Jessica K., Participant, Journaling Workshop


“Ms. Friedlander is a warm, knowledgeable, and affirming facilitator who offers helpful insight on your therapeutic journey. I highly recommend her services.” ~ Jennifer C., Participant, Chronic Pain Support Group


“(Elisa) is a wonderful, supportive teacher/facilitator of writing, creating an environment that draws out each person’s unique wisdom & voice!” ~ Elizabeth Markell, Participant, Spiritual Writing Group