Chronic Pain and Disability

ink-to-insight-journaling-workshops-therapeutic-writing-psychotherapy-therapist-ashland-medford-oregon– Do you struggle with chronic pain?

– Are you overwhelmed by a recent medical diagnosis or a long-term condition?

– Do you feel helpless about your partner’s or loved one’s chronic pain or disability?

– Are you a medical/caring professional, feeling stressed or “burned-out” by the challenges unique to your profession?

– Are you a psychotherapist or other mental health provider who could benefit from consultation specific to working with clients who have chronic pain, illness, or disability?



As part of a holistic approach to pain management, I can help you:

– Discover or rediscover your value and life meaning

– Learn to increase self-acceptance

– Create a personalized wellness plan

Adapt to an acquired disability

– Use tools to decrease your stress, anxiety, or depression

– Learn mind-body techniques for pain control

Prevent exacerbation of pain

– Improve your relationships

– Learn therapeutic writing tools for wellness


If you have chronic or intractable pain, these statements might sound familiar:

– “I miss my old self.”

– “I feel depressed and anxious.”

– “I’m struggling in my relationship.”

– “My friends/family don’t understand.”

– “I feel guilty for canceling plans all the time.”

– “I’m scared about my future.”

– “I want to learn how to accept my pain.”

– “Life feels stressful and unpredictable.”

– “People don’t take me seriously – I don’t look like I’m in pain.”

Along with my professional training and sought-after clinical expertise in chronic pain, I bring the perspective of personal experience to our sessions. My own life was upended in my forties when complex spine surgeries and an acquired medical condition led to intractable pain and disability. With my unique skill set, and from an empathic stance, I will help you to explore your deeply personal experience with chronic pain and begin a process of healing.

Whether the pain you feel

– is long-term, or new

– stems from a medical diagnosis, or is of unknown origin

– is chronic and intermittent, or intractable

– came on in your youth or as an aging adult

I can help you learn to improve your quality of life and find a renewed sense of purpose and life meaning. 

To participate in therapeutic writing workshops or groups tailored to individuals with chronic pain, please contact me or sign up for my newsletter.

Click here to watch my conference presentation: “Intractable Pain and Intractable Love: Coping in Intimate Relationships.” Please note that, although the conference platform for this presentation only enabled minimal chat interactions, the workshops offered by Ink To Insight, LLC are facilitated in a manner that encourages participation and interaction more fully via Zoom.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical practitioner and do not prescribe medication or offer any type of advice concerning your medical treatment. Please consult your doctor if you have any medical concerns or questions. Upon your consent and our agreement, I will gladly collaborate with any of your treatment providers.